Welcome to Souperhero Central Command!
Congratulations on taking the first step in joining our squad of Souperheroes, you will find everything you need here to fulfil your mission.

Resource Packs

Your Souperhero mission is not souper-secret! Download the appropriate pack below and distribute them far and wide so everyone knows about your souper-mission!

Social media

Download a cover image and display picture for social media to help spread the word about your souper-mission!

If you have the Be A Souperhero app you can take a selfie and don a souper-disguise to use as your profile picture on social media.

Download Download the app

The Souperhero Code

We Souperheroes are governed by a code, a code of justice and doing what is right. As part of your Souperhero Challenge you need to abide by some simple rules:

The soup, the whole soup and nothing but the soup:

If you are committing to a soup challenge we encourage you to stick with it, no matter how difficult. If you can’t eat soup for a meal we suggest you make a $5 donation to your fundraising page as compensation.

A side of of bread:

While completing the challenge you are allowed to have one piece of bread or a bread roll (no bigger than your clenched fist – Hulk style) with your soup.

Keepings things fluid:

To fulfil you mission you need to swap soup for every meal however you can continue to consume liquids (like water, tea, coffee, juice etc.) as you normally would.

Fundraising Tips

Unfortunately we can't give you souper-powers, but we can provide some handy fundraising tips to help souper-charge your fundraising.

Don't be afraid to ask

Remember to ask all your friends and family to support you in your Souperhero Challenge. Ask in person, via SMS, on social, by email and any other way you can think of. Remember, if you don’t ask you will never know. As Ms Marvel would say “When you decide not to be afraid, you can find friends in super unexpected places”.

Start with your strongest allies

Target your fundraising efforts on your family and closest friends! At least then you’ll hopefully generate some momentum that will keep you going.

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer!

Well, maybe not. But don’t be afraid to contact all your potential supporters in all your different circles about your mission. Ask them once, ask them twice, but maybe reconsider before asking them a third time.

Don't keep your mission a secret

This Souperhero mission is not souper-secret! Make sure you spread the word to your family and friends and let them know about your challenge.

  • Souper-Parents – talk to others at the school pick up and drop off.
  • Souper-Workplaces – include your mission in your internal newsletter.
  • Souper-Schools – make an announcement at assembly!
Recruit a squad of heroes

Every hero needs people around them that help them achieve their mission! Consider asking your workmates, family or friends to join your squad and take a soup challenge. That way you can keep each other accountable and raise more money by working together.

Tell people about it

Social media is a great way of keeping your supporters updated and it is also a great way of getting new supporters interested.

  • Did you make an interesting soup? Share the recipe.
  • Is your soup bright green? Take a photo.
  • Are you feeling Souper-human? Tweet about it!
Don't forget to thank people

It is really important you thank your supporters as they are helping you make sure your Souperhero mission is a success. Social media is a great way to thank people as by thanking them you are also highlighting your challenge to others.


There is more to soup than the standard roast pumpkin (although it’s a big favourite!) and hearty minestrone.

Searching for soup recipes online is sort of like disappearing down the rabbit hole – there are thousands of different soups out there waiting for you to find them.

Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner there is a soup that will meet your needs.

Don’t forget soup is a staple in almost every culture so get adventurous and take your taste buds on a souper-sized tour of the world!

Here are a few to get you started and don’t forget to share your favourite with your Souperhero community via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Need further intel? These frequently asked questions will help you crack the code.

What is Souperhero week?

During Souperhero week, heroic Australians take the Soup Challenge of their choice and ask friends and family to donate in support.

What are my options for a soup challenge?

We have a number of challenges on offer or you can choose your own. Check out the suggestions here.

When is Souperhero Week?

Saturday 29th July to Friday 4th August

How do I sign up?

Create your own Souperhero fundraising page here.

Why should I be a Souperhero?

Every year, thousands of people in our community are forced to give up meals, go without heating and miss out on dental and medical treatment.

For more information see Why Be A Souperhero.

Why soup?

Soup is the unsung hero for people struggling to make ends meet.

With cheap ingredients, a humble batch of soup can satisfy hunger and provide nutrition for a whole family at very low cost (and it can be stretched further by adding inexpensive ingredients like lentils or stock).

It’s easy to make, warms us up in the winter, and let’s face it—it’s delicious.

How can I involve others in my Souperhero challenge?

Ask your friends, family and others in your community to make a donation to your own fundraising page and support you in your challenge.

Make a Squad by teaming up with friends, family or colleagues for a group fundraising page
. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or good old-fashioned email to spread the word about your Souperhero activity, and share updates of your progress with your supporters.

Can schools get involved?

Everyone can be a Souperhero – including Souperschools!

If you attend or teach at a school and would like to get everyone involved in Souperhero Week, you can:

Hold a special soup lunch event at school where students and teachers make a donation to your fundraising page and enjoy a warm soup lunch together

Set up a group fundraising page for your school and ask teachers, students and parents to get involved by making donations and perhaps all committing to eat soup for dinner for Souperhero Week

for information on how your school can get involved download our Schools Resource Pack.

What about my workplace?

There are many ways you can involve others at your workplace in Souperhero Week.

Download our Workplace Resource Pack for more information here.

How can I prepare for Souperhero Week?

Before Souperhero Week begins, you will need to think about which tasty soups you want to enjoy and stock up on ingredients (or canned or packet soup).

Things you might want to consider may include:

• Researching soup recipes that include foods you like

• Making a shopping list for the ingredients you need to make your soup

• Adding some cans of soup or soup mix to your shopping list to help cover your snacks or quick meals

• Getting creative and think about all your meals – what could be in a breakfast or dessert soup?

• Thinking about who you would like to invite to support your fundraising efforts

Is it healthy to eat only soup for a week?

With the right ingredients, soup can be a very satisfying, nutritious meal. It’s easy – and delicious – to include the five basic food groups that form part of a healthy diet:

• Breads and cereals

• Vegetables

• Fruit

• Dairy

• Meat or alternatives

Adding ingredients such as rice, pasta, lentils or legumes can help make a batch of soup more filling and last longer.  Healthy, diverse soup recipes to get you started can be found here.

If you have an ongoing medical condition, take regular medication or have recently been unwell, had surgery or been in hospital, we recommend seeking advice and clearance from your doctor before beginning your Soup Challenge.

What else am I allowed to eat or drink?

It's important to keep your fluids up, so continue to drink water and other liquids as you usually would, but eat only soup for meals and snacks.

Nothing goes better with soup than a piece of crusty bread or a piece of toast—but believe it or not, it would be considered a luxury for people struggling financially.

However, it is within the rules of the Soup Challenge to have a piece of bread once a day with your chosen meal of soup.

Are there any medical restrictions to participating in a Soup Challenge?

If you have an ongoing medical condition, take regular medication or have recently been unwell, had surgery or been in hospital, we recommend seeking advice and clearance from your doctor before beginning your Soup Challenge.

As growing bodies require a diet with a higher energy intake, we recommended that people under the age of 16 do not participate in a Soup Challenge without the supervision of a parent.

Do you have any fundraising tips?

We really appreciate your fundraising efforts and be assured that they will make a difference in the lives of people who are facing a wide range of social issues.

There are a few keys to ensuring you raise as much as you can, these include:

Ask as many people as you can to make a donation to your fundraising page, this includes your friends, family and other people you know in your community – and even those overseas

Share your fundraising progress with your supporters using social media like Facebook and ask for people who haven’t made a donation to you yet to visit your fundraising page

Use whatever means you have available to you to ask for donations, this could include emails, text messages, social media and in person and be ready to direct people to your fundraising page

Include others in your challenge by using social media, like Instagram, to show them what your week looks like – take a photo of tonight’s soup, share your favourite soup recipe, do a quick video of you preparing your soup. Your supporters will love to see your efforts and other people may be inspired by your actions and donate to your page or register themselves

When can I start fundraising?

You can start fundraising as soon as you have set up your fundraising page (which only takes a few minutes).

Make sure you are ready to go for Souperhero Week (Saturday 29th July to Friday 4th August) and use this week to really promote your commitment to others who haven’t made a donation yet.

All Souperhero fundraising pages will close on 31st August, so fundraisers will have plenty of time after Souperhero Week finishes to boost their fundraising totals.

Can I make a one-off donation?

Of course! If you don’t know a Souperhero and you are not in a position to register as a Souperhero yourself, you can still get involved by making a one-off donation via our Souperhero page to support the campaign.

Every $5 contribution will help the Salvos serve a bowl of soup or provide the ingredients needed to make a bowl of soup for someone in need.

Once you have made your donation, why not share this through your social media pages? It might encourage someone else to help too. Every little bit counts!

What are some interesting soups I can try during my challenge?

You can find fantastic recipes created specifically for Souperhero Week here.

Who is The Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army is one of the world's largest Christian social welfare organisations with more than 1,650,000 members working in over 124 countries. 

We have been in Australia for over 130 years. 

Currently we have more than 8,500 active officers and staff delivering in excess of 1,000 specifically designed social programs across Australia. 

The Salvation Army helps more than 1 million Australians every year – that's one person every 30 seconds!

For more information on The Salvation Army click here.