Why be a Souperhero?

Every year, thousands of people in our community are forced to give up meals, go without heating and miss out on medical and dental treatment.

After paying for accommodation, the average Salvation Army client lives on less than $17 per day to cover things like groceries, bills, clothing, travel and school and medical costs.

By becoming a Souperhero, you are helping these people by supporting the work of the Salvos.

Each year The Salvation Army helps more than one million people, providing:

Emergency Food Parcels

as well as grocery vouchers and help with utility bills

Homelessness Services

offering beds and meals

Financial Counselling

to help struggling families make the most of their money

And much more

including services helping with domestic violence, unemployment, and addiction

The funds you raise will assist us in continuing to provide services and support to people experiencing hardship and disadvantage.

Find out more about the financial and social impact of poverty in Australia here.

Ways to get involved

Like all good souperheroes, you have souper-powers but sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what to do with them. So, as you consider your own souperhero mission here are some thought starters that might help get you on your way.

The Ultimate Souperhero Challenge

The soup, the whole soup and nothing but the soup for seven days. Can you handle it?

As the name suggests, this is the ultimate challenge for Souperheroes and should only be attempted if you are ready to take your souper-powers to the next level.

This is a tough mission but creativity is the key. We will provide you with recipes to ensure your soups are never mundane or boring. By making this heroic commitment others can’t help but want to support you which will ultimately make a difference in the lives of people doing it tough.

The souper soup-off

A souper-challenge to the death! Well not quite but still a great challenge for those of us who like a little healthy competition.

Host the Ultimate Soup-Off in your workplace or with your group of friends and find out who really has the best recipe.

It's as easy as finding at least two people who think they make pretty good soup to go head-to-head and prepare their best soup ready for your group to judge.

Everyone can enjoy a tasty soup meal together, make a donation to support your fundraising efforts and cast their vote so everyone knows who makes the best soup.

Souper lunch

We know that endless days of soup isn’t for everyone and we won’t stand in the way of anyone becoming a souperhero. So why not organise a soup fundraiser lunch at your school or workplace?

It can be as simple as you making a batch of your favourite soup and bringing it in to share with others and asking them to make a donation of the amount they would normally spend on lunch.

If there is more than one souperhero in your general vicinity then why not work together and have more than one soup lunch during Souperhero Week?

Souperhero dress up day

If the thought of a soup challenge makes your spidey sense stand up, why not organise a fundraiser where you and your fellow students or workmates dress as their favourite superhero character for a day? The best costume wins!

Five day souperhero soup challenge

Not for the faint hearted but definitely for the good hearted. Sign up for the 5 Day Souperhero Challenge, commit to eating soup only for these five days and inspire your friends and family to support your mission by making a donation to your fundraising page.

Souperhero taste test challenge

Maybe your days are filled to the brim with souper acts of kindness already so time is limited. Consider hosting a taste test - cook or purchase some interesting and unusual soups, gather a group of people, serve small serves of each soup to your audience and then ask them to guess what flavour each one is. Ask each participant to make a small donation to be part of the fun.

Involve your family

Sure you have souperpowers but what about your family? Perhaps the next Batman is secretly masquerading as your brother? Only one way to find out! Challenge your family to eat soup for dinner for five nights and ask your friends and other members of your family to make a donation to your fundraising page to support your souperhero mission.

Choose your own challenge

We’d never stand in the way of souper-creativity so put your mind to work to come up with a challenge of your own.

Form your own souperhero squad

What better way of finding the support to get through your challenge than joining forces with others so it's a team effort. You can share recipes, may be even share a few meals and seek support to your own fundraising page which will boost the efforts of the team. We are stronger together.


We know souperheroes don't do what they do for fame or glory, but some special recognition for those leading the charge from Captain Crouton doesn't go astray.

Bowl and Spoon

You’ve signed up to Be A Souperhero so you’ve earned your first badge - a bowl and spoon to help you conduct your Souper Mission. Well done Souperhero!

Team Assemble

Congratulations on joining a Souperhero Squad. There is strength in numbers so that makes you stronger than the Incredible Hulk now Souperhero!

Secret Identity Revealed

Your fans have responded to your souper-signal for help and your secret identity has now been revealed. Congratulations on raising $100!


Excellent work Souperhero! You’ve raised $250 for your Souper Challenge.


You’re totally nailing this Souperhero business! Congratulations on raising $500 towards your Souper Challenge - It’s blue skies for you from hereon in.

Platinum Ladle

You’re faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound … and you’ve raised $1,000 so far! Even Superman never worked this hard!


Outstanding effort Souperhero! You’ve raised $1,500 already and are well on your way to the Souperhero Hall of Fame!

Key to the city

It’s official - you are the best of the best! You’ve reached $2,000 in fundraising so the key to the city is yours.